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Transformer oils

The Company RusTorgOil supplies a broad spectrum of transformer oils such as:

  • Oil VG;
  • Oil G;
  • Oil -1500U;
  • Oil p;
  • Oil S

Transformer oil is mineral oil with high purity and low viscosity

Filling up power and measering transformers, reactor equipment, oil switches with transformer oil lets to isolate parts and components of the transformer which are under the action of electric current, to reduce the heating of its parts and to protect the insulation from moisture.

In oil switches transformer oil plays the role of the arc-suppressing environment.

Transformer oil has the lowest viscosity, providing efficient heat transfer at temperatures of flashes is not less than 95-105°C depending on the brand of oil. The most important property of transformer oil is stable resistance to oxidation, expressed in the ability to maintain their characteristics during long period of operation. As a rule, all varieties of domestic oil contains an effective antioxidant additive Agidol-1, BHT and others.

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