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Oil products of general-purpose

A wide spectrum of lubricants  and  great experience allow RusTorgOil fulfill complex procurement enterprises of different fields of economics. We offer:

For enterprises of energy sector^

  • transformer oils
  • turbine oils
  • compressor oils
  • electrocontact lubricants
  • lubricants for electrical machine

For enterprises providing exploitation and maintenance of surface, river and sea transport:

  • cars lubricants
  • geared lubricants
  • rail lubricants
  • marine lubricants
  • engine oils
  • gear oils

For industrial enterprises:

  • industrial oils
  • industrial lubricants
  • instrument lubricants
  • bitumens
  • paraffins

If you feel the need for lubricant materials or you have any questions about their application, please contact us, and our specialists will suggest suitable products at the most beneficial price and provide comprehensive information about all characteristics of the product. 

You may get consultation by phone numbers : +7(831) 211-81-54, 211-81-76, 211-82-52 or via feedback form.