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Industrial oils

RusTorgOil offers such industrial oils as:

  • Oil VNIINP-403(I-G-V-46p);
  • Oil I-5 (I-L--7);
  • Oil I-8 (I-L--10);
  • Oil I-12 (I-LG--15);
  • Oil I-20 (I-G--32);
  • Oil I-30 (I-G--46);
  • Oil I-40 (I-G--68);
  • Oil I-50 (I-GT--100);
  • Oil I-46PV (I--V-46);
  • Oil I-220PV (I--V-220);
  • Oil I-460PV (I--V-460);
  • Oil IGNE-32 instead of IGNSp-20;
  • Oil IGNE-68 instead of IGNSp-40;
  • Oil IGP-18 (I-G-S-32);
  • Oil IGP-30 (I-G-S-46);
  • Oil IGP-38 (I-G-S-68);
  • Oil IGP-49 (I-G-S-68);
  • Oil IGP-72 (I--S-100);
  • Oil IGP-91 (I--S-150);
  • Oil IGP-114 (I--S-220);
  • Oil IGP-152 (I--S-320);
  • Oil IGP-182 (I--S-320);
  • Oil IGSP-18 (I-GN-D-32s);
  • Oil IGSP-38 (I-GN-D-68s);
  • Oil ILS-5 (I-L-S-5 instead of IGP-4);
  • Oil ILS-10 (I-L-S-10 instead of IGP-6, IGP-8);
  • Oil ILS-22 (I-L-S-22 instead of IGP-14);
  • Oil INSP-40 (I-N--68);
  • Oil INSP-65 (I-N--100);
  • Oil INSP-110 (I-N--220);
  • Oil ITD-32 (ISP-25, ISPi-25);
  • Oil ITD-68 (ISP-40, ISPi-40, IRP-40);
  • Oil ITD-100 (ISP-65, ISPi-65, IRP-75);
  • Oil ITD-150;
  • Oil ITD-220 (I--D-220 instead of ISP-110 IRp-150);
  • Oil ITD-460 (ITP-200);
  • Oil ITD-680 (ITP-300);
  • Oil PS-28 (I---460);
  • Oil RZH-3;
  • Oil RZH-8.

The main function of industrial oils is to reduce deterioration and friction  of metal-working presses' knots, pneumatic hammers, guillotines and other industrial installations. In addition, among a number of useful functions of this substances there are protection against corrosion and pollution, lowering the temperature on the treated surface with mechanical impact, the prevention of foaming if the air penatration occurs, filtration. 

To find out more information and make an order, please contact us by the phone numbers: +7(831)211-81-54+7(831)211-82-52, or via the feedback form on the website.