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Aviation oils and lubricant

The company RusTorgOil supplies aviation oils such as:

  • Aviation oil AMG-10
  • Aviation oil VNII NP 50-1-4F (y)
  • Oil VO -12
  • Aviation oil B-3V
  • Aviation oil IPM-10
  • The aviation oil MS-8P
  • The aviation oil MS-RC
  • The aviation oil MS-20
  • Oil MGE-10A
  • Oil Tsgip
  • Oil LSMG-2
  • Oil MG-7B
  • Oil-mixture SM-4.5
  • Oil-mixture SM-8
  • Oil-mixture SM-9
  • Oil-mixture SM-11,5
  • Oil-mixture 50/50
  • The working fluid NGZh-5Y
  • The working fluid 7-50C-3
  • The hydraulic fluid Hydraunycoil FH-51
  • Oil Turbonycoil-98

Aviation oils are the fluids used to lubricate the gearboxes and engines of different aircrafts. They are intended to reduce friction and runout of the parts, provide anticorrosion protection. Aviation oils are conventionally divided into several groups depending on the different types of helicopters and aircraft engines.

Aviation oil for helicopters

Various aviation oils are used for lubrication of helicopters engines, lubrication of joint-hinges of the gearboxes and transmissions. Aviation mineral lubricants MS-8P and MS-RK are used for propulsion of helicopters MI-6 and MI-10.

Synthetic oils prepared on the basis of fatty acids and esters with the necessary additives - B-3B are used for gas turbine engines, gearboxes of helicopters MI-2 and MI-8.

Synthetic isoparaffinic oil IPM-10 is used for lubrication  turbo compressor part of the power plant in helicopters MI-26.

Synthetic oil PTS-225 is recommended for engines and gearboxes of newly designed and advanced helicopters.

Aviation oils for piston and turbine types of engines

For piston engines of aircraft are used high-viscosity lubricants MS-14 and MS-20 that have a high lubricating ability. They are subjected to special purification, are not aggressive to the materials of the structural parts that are resistant to oxidative processes in the storage conditions and high temperatures.

If you need aviation oil, our consultants will answer any questions related to the composition, application and possible substitutions by phone numbers +7(831)211-81-54, +7(831)211-81-76. You can also use the button "feedback" on the website.