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RusTorgOil supplies such types of the petrolic bitumens as:

  • Bitumen BN 90/10;
  • Bitumen BN 70/30;
  • Bitumen BND 60/90;
  • Bitumen BND 90/130;
  • Mastic bitumen B-70/60.

Bitumen is an extremely complex mixture of hydrocarbons and organic of compounds with different structures, mostly not-boiling at the temperature of oil refining.

Road bitumens are divided into viscous and liquid.

  • Viscous bitumens are used as a binder material for the construction and repair of road surfaces. The basic amount of such bitumens is produced in Russia in accordance with GOST 22245-90.
  • Liquid bitumens are designed to extend the season of road construction. In accordance with GOST 11955-82 they are produced by mixing the viscous bitumen BND with distillation fractions of the diluents. After laying the road surface the diluent evaporates gradually.

Construction bitumens are used for the execution of different construction works, in particular for waterproofing of building foundations.

Roofing bitumens are used to manufacture roofing materials. They are divided into impregnating  and integumentary (respectively for impregnation of the base and the receiving cover layer).

Insulation Bitumen  is used for insulation of pipelines to protect them from corrosion.

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