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Oil synthetic turbine engines MS-8P

OST 38.01163-78

Oil MS-8P oil-based with a complex of highly effective additives. Produced from West Siberian and Uralic oil. Developed to replace oils MK-8 and MK-8P, it greatly exceeds them in a number of performance indicators, in particular, the viscosity at low temperatures, thermal-oxidative stability, life.


Indicator name


Kinematic viscosity, mm2/s (St):
at 50°C, not less


at minus 40°C, not more


The flash point determined in open crucible °C, not below


Pour point, °C, not above


Thermal-oxidative stability at 150°C for 50 hours:


a) a kinematic viscosity at 50°C after oxidation St, not more


b) kinematic viscosity at minus 40°C after oxidation St, not more


b) acid number after oxidation, mg KOH per 1 g of oil not more


d) mass fraction of the sludge after oxidation, %, not more


e) corrosion on plates after oxidation, mg/cm2:


steel SH-15 GOST 801-60


the M1 or M2 copper in accordance with GOST 859-66


aluminum alloy AK-4 in accordance with GOST 4784-74


Warranty period of storage

5 years

The scope of

Oil MS-8P is applied for gas-turbine engines of subsonic and supersonic airplanes (civil aviation airplanes Il-62, Il-76, Il-86, Tu-134, Tu-154, Yak-40, military aviation airplanes MiG-21, su-15, su-25, helicopters Mi-6, Mi-10), whose oil temperature at the outlet of the engine not more than 150°C. MS-8P is used in the composition of oil-mixture in turboprop engines (airplanes An-12, An-22, An-24, An-30, An-32, Il-18), and also for preservation of oil systems of aircraft engines. MS-8P is also used in ship (vessel) gas turbine units and gas-pumping units.